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How I became a full-time freelance online writer

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About five months ago, I started my career as a freelance writer. As an introvert, I always felt a misfit in the crowd. A girl who is always trying to hide in the crowd. Someone who is afraid of getting attention and coming on stage. I only enjoy reading books and living with my family. I am someone with two to three close friends and that is my entire social circle. When I completed my graduation in English Literature, I decided to find a job. Preferring messages over call and staying at home over partying, I realized office jobs are not for me. Because thinking about the office job, interview and people was causing anxiety and stress. Last year when freelancing gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan, I also decided to start a career in freelancing.

This is how I stepped into this freelancing world. I started working as a freelance writer, blogger, beta reader and translator. For me, it was easier to get order online by messaging and placing a custom offer. There was no crowd, no social anxiety and social interaction. All I have to do is to take an order and complete it from home. I was fortunate enough that after starting my account on a freelance website I found an order. This served as a motivation and inspiration. I started enjoying this new venture. For me, working from home is like working from heaven. For instance, I can take short breaks to the fridge to eat chocolates and I can enjoy a few minutes of power napping while writing content. I wanted to work in a less crowded place with a comfortable environment. This is what freelancing gave me. I now work online from home lying on my couch and wearing whatever I want to wear. I am always looking forward to spending quality time with my family, that is why I choose working hours that are suitable for me. As a Pakistani freelancer, I enjoy the privilege of working with people living in Pakistan and living abroad. In this process of taking orders and writing on various topics for people from different countries I learn a lot. I enjoy the process and the turn out. With every new project I acquire something that stays with me. This is something that fascinates me I am learning in the process of earning. I believe while working from home health becomes a major issue. To stay healthy I go for long walks with my husband and do exercises.

After every forty five minutes I take a ten minutes break to provide rest to my body and my mind. This helps me stay healthy and refresh my mind. I am currently working on two freelancing websites. I usually find clients by sending proposals and buyer requests. Sometimes they themselves place custom orders. I enjoy doing freelancing but the most challenging thing is to remain consistent. I really work hard to stay motivated and stop procrastinating. I overcome these issues by offering small rewards at every step (thanks to my psychology course). Besides that I love the topic of parenting and child psychology. I read a lot about it. I am currently working on a website about parenting and children's needs. I will launch this website within a few weeks. My aim is to help new mothers to become an awesome mom. If you want to become an online freelance online writer a good work balance is absolutely essential and the most crucial part of that balance is getting enough sleep. These Good night quotes and Images from our partner PixelsQuote will help you with your sleep management.
Author: Syeda Zehra