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Top Reasons to Translate Materials for Students from Abroad

Modern educators have a lot of topics to discuss. For example, you can easily run into a question like, “Should we really translate our educational materials if smart students have to study English to perform well?” On the one hand, they really have to know English if they want to get good grades and build a successful career. At the same time, any academic transcription service can do something more than just provide a paper with a translation.

It is a way to support students, to show respect to their cultures, etc. Educators themselves can customize their materials so that they become easier to learn and, what is even more important, accessible to everyone. That’s why good translators and transcribers are needed so much these days. Let us show you what are the primary reasons to provide international students with the translation of educational materials.

Show respect
We have already mentioned that a high-quality transcript of audio content along with its translation can be used to show respect to foreign cultures. We can use China as an example because it is a huge region with millions of students studying abroad. Of course, they learn English because they need it for studies, work, and communication. However, when you use the Chinese name of your educational institution, and when you provide materials in Chinese, you show your thought and kindness. Students from other countries may feel lonely, and they need this kind of support. And you need it as well since it is a contribution to your brand image and loyal global community.

Share content
When you create subtitles to your videos and translate them into different languages, you should understand that it is your focus on a wider audience. There are lots of prospective students, their friends, and people who are simply interested in your content. Yes, their English is not up to par, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to learn from your materials. By creating referral connections, you make your audience really big.

Besides, don’t forget about the parents of your students! They may also be interested in what their children study. Moreover, their vote is decisive in some countries. If your educational institution doesn’t have any information in local languages, you don’t have a single chance to impress these people.

Make the content accessible
Human transcription services can help you to make your content accessible. Think about students who are pulling an all-nighter after long, tough days. Do you want them to learn new words right now, or do you want them to understand your material? When you have lectures, webinars’ transcripts, and video subtitles, you make your information easy to understand. Students will surely love it. Besides, if they are just learning English, they can use both versions to improve their knowledge. So, don’t put barriers; get rid of them.

What Materials Should You Translate For International Students?
Without any doubt, you can translate every single word. However, there are some important materials that are necessary to provide in different languages. And for some of them professional transcribers are needed.

Social Media Pages For International Students

Do you have a platform where students from abroad can communicate? Perfect! Now you should make it international. Post news in local languages, translate event invitations, marketing information about some career fairs, webinars as well. If you attract new students with your social media, you should provide interesting content for them as well. Talented international transcriptionists will help you to customize your pieces and develop the best solution.

Microsite Content

Most websites have several versions, e.g., in English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. It is just impossible to translate all your pages into all existing languages. And it makes no sense. What you can do is to create and translate “microsites” that are focused on specific student groups. Share all relevant data with this network.

Print materials for third-parties

We bet that your educational institution collaborates with different agent offices and fairs to develop local cultures, foster positive vibes, attract more students, and create bright opportunities for them. When you share generic English language materials with these third parties, you lose a chance to reach a wider audience. Just imagine how fast print flyers in different languages can travel. And if you host online events, which is especially important in COVID-19 times, you definitely need to use all the benefits of the speech recognition technology and materials’ translation.

Educational materials

Finally, it would be a perfect idea to hire transcription services and translate your lectures, notes, study plans, literature reviews, and other materials that may come in handy, especially when you have first-year students from different times who just need some time to get used to the new environment.

As you can see, this process will take some time and effort. However, it will surely pay off and open the door to the world of new opportunities. Be on the cutting edge and make your students fall in love with your approach!
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