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Valuable Skills You Can Learn Online To Become A Better Freelancer

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There are roughly nine million freelancers in Europe, EURACTIV reports. Freelancing is an increasingly popular career and way of life for many people, primarily for the freedom and flexible schedule it provides. If you’re a freelancer, investing in online learning is a great way to diversify your skillset and find new opportunities that allow you to successfully make a living.

Earn a degree

Earning a degree is one of the best ways you can widen your knowledge base and bolster your qualifications to impress and win clients. An accelerated online associates degree, in particular, will let you earn a degree in as little as eight weeks. This is an affordable and time-efficient option. Plus, you may even be able to earn college credit simply for subject knowledge you already know. An associates degree will open up opportunities and help you earn more money in your freelance career. In fact, statistics revealed that college graduates earned wages 80% higher than high school graduates in 2018.

Learn a second language

Everyone’s fluent in at least one language. By putting in the work to learn a second language online, you’ll be able to find freelance work as a translator. If you’re interested in learning English, for example, taking a TOEIC test online will give you the vocabulary needed to navigate the business world. Alternatively, TOEFL tests will help you become proficient in English in an academic context. When you’re re ady, you can then take an online course to become a freelance translator.

Learn SEO and data analytics

61% of marketers say growing their organic presence with search engine optimization (SEO) is one of their top priorities. Additionally, many business owners are too busy to learn and implement SEO in order to help their website rank highly and attract customers. SEO is therefore a valuable skill that’s in high demand. If you’re interested in digital marketing, taking an online course on SEO may be the perfect step for you. Typically, you can expect to learn about various types of SEO techniques and will need to dedicate at least a couple of months to your study. There’s an endless number of good-quality courses and resources available online that can complement your existing skills as a freelancer. By learning new skills online, you may also open up entirely new opportunities that allow you to thrive in your freelance career.
Author: Jennifer Lille