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Using the Internet

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The Internet is completely changing the way we access information. This ubiquitous source of news and knowledge has revolutionized the world of media beyond all recognition. Thanks to the internet we can find the most sophisticated pieces of information in a flash. It's no wonder that we tend to say that the world is getting smaller.

Because of this new communication channel we feel almost as if we are eye witnesses of events which take place in distant countries. And this is just the beginning of a great development. Nowadays, everybody feels the need to have access to the internet. Personally, I just can't imagine that there is any information we can't by virtue this medium.

I love to surf the internet for hours. How in the world would I get faster to the people I care for? In no way would I dream of decrying the importance of telephones. Particularly as a woman I can sit on the phone till the cows come home. Yet, the internet helps me to save time. I can talk with some friends via the Communicator, write emails to others while simultaneously browsing the world wide web.

The Internet is an infinite source of information on education and career oportunities. As a student I don't want to lag behind those who are well informed about the best job vacancies. It's the internet that gives me the means to select the most appropriate offers and get in touch with potential employers.

Instead of buying dozens of newspapers and trawling through them in search of some worthwhile information sandwiched between things I'm not really interested in, I find everything I need in no time at all. In addition I can practise and improve my English on the internet while I meet new people from different parts of the world.

The internet has become a vital part of my daily life and it's so much more to me than just another source of entertainment.
Author: Patricia Kacprzak (edited by Alan Townend)