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Unusual Ways to Improve Your Spoken English

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Description: You have done a good job if you studied boring and complicated grammar, rules, and tenses of the English language. But spoken English requires practice. In this article, we have prepared several unusual and interesting ways how you can improve your spoken English.

Can I Learn English by Myself?
Due to the development of modern technologies, everybody can learn any language he/she wants without leaving home. Though it can be challenging, it is possible to learn English by yourself too. You can find various listening and speaking strategies to learn English without a tutor. There are people who need to have a tutor around them to help them to practice. For others, learning English by your efforts means money and time-saving.

Why Can't I Speak English Fluently?
The English language is one of the most difficult languages to speak fluently. You may ask why? English has strange rules with many exceptions, and this language is not very similar to any other language; some words have confusing pronunciation. Of course, you can memorize all the rules and tenses, but it is just half of the success. If you want to speak fluently, there is a need to practice all the time. You have to improve your speaking skills regularly.

How Can I Improve My English-Speaking Skills?
We said previously that the key to success is practice. If you learn English with your tutor, he/she will assist you in improving your speaking. But you may ask how to improve your speaking skills if you are learning English by yourself. Among the most widespread ways of improving spoken English are reading books on English, taking notes of new words, communicating with native speakers, going abroad, watching videos in English (movies, cartoons, YouTube channels, etc.) But these ways are outdated. The world changes, and there is a need to use unusual and modern ways of improving your speaking skills. Below we prepared the most interesting ways for you.

Practice in Foreign Chat-Roulette
Chat-Roulette is not only a good way to find friends and simply communicate with different people. Use foreign chat-roulette to improve your speaking skills. You simply have to find foreigners and start to speak. In the beginning, you can be shy as your spoken English is far from perfect. But when you spend some time on practice, it will be hard to differentiate you from a native speaker.

But different and strange people can use chat roulette. There are many scammers who can easily find out your IP address. Therefore, we advise you to use an IP address checker and hide your IP.

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Speak English at Home
Improving English speaking skills is a regular activity. You cannot simply speak for one day with your foreign friend online and forget about speaking practice for one week. Your foreign friend can not always be online. But we know those who are always near you. We speak about the people with whom you are living. With them, you will not be shy to speak English every day. Begin to speak English when you just wake up, speak about your plans for the day, tell about news on a job or college, tell about how your day passed. Even if they do not speak English at all, you can then translate what you have said. Simply speaking, you have to pretend that you can speak only English.

Create an English Study Group
We are sure that you are not the only person in your environment who wants to improve your speaking skills. Together everything is simpler. Therefore, we recommend creating an English study group, invite your friends and relatives, and speak English every day. You can help each other to correct mistakes, remember words, and practice your English. You can discuss different topics; it helps to increase your vocabulary.

Get a Have a Native English Speaker Crush
This way is the most romantic. You can get acquainted with a foreigner and start relationships. The best option is that your crush doesn't speak your native language. You can improve your speaking skills every day by communicating with your crush.

Start Disputes on Forums
This way can be handy to help to improve your grammar. Start a dispute on the Internet on any forum. Arguing can help to expand the topic. Therefore you will write many words, sentences, and it will improve your grammar.

Record Videos Where You Speak English
This way is suitable for shy people. You can record videos where you discuss various topics but at the same time speak English. Then you can watch these videos to identify errors in your pronunciation. Take notes of those mistakes in order not to make these errors twice.

Time for a Conclusion
We hope this article was useful and interesting for you. You can use these ways to improve your speaking skills or come up with your own ways. Everything depends on your imagination. Just remember to practice regularly, and over some time, you will speak English fluently.

About the author:
Rachel Burnham is the current COO of Marketing in VeePN VPN company. Rachel knows how to keep her family and friends on the Internet safe. "I always protect my IP address and advise all my friends to do this," says Rachel. Rachel also completed teaching courses and teaches English to foreign children. "I am always looking for creative ways of learning that will interest my students," says Rachel Burnham.
Author: Rachel Burnham