3 Things you need to learn English effectively

Dear Friend,

Today I'd like to congratulate you on doing such an excellent job -- after all, you have already followed 30 email English lessons, which means you are ready for number 31! By now, you should have started using our forum where you can get support and information from English native speakers at any time of day. "Why", you might be thinking "should I use the forum" when I receive these lessons via email? The answer is quite simple: If you use the forum rather than email, you will get access to a team of professional people rather than just having to rely on my opinion. Also, on the forum you can meet a lot of other learners and you can learn from them as well. Sometimes you might have a question but you don't know exactly how to ask it. Go to the forum and browse through the questions other learners have posted and the chances are that you will actually find the answer to your very question. There are more benefits from using the forum: You can listen to voice recordings from other learners or native speakers and you can record and post your own voice messages. For example, in the following voice message you can hear me explain how to use our forum voice recorder: How to record voice messages?

And if you want to hear how one of your fellow forum members is using the voice recorder to improve her pronunciation, please click on this link: Khinelay talking to Mitchell.

As you can see (or rather hear), the forum is the ideal place for you to practise your speaking skills and get professional feedback on your pronunciation.


You probably remember the grammar item we covered in our previous session, don't you? You are absolutely right -- we discussed question tags or 'tag questions'. Now, the best method to get a hold of those tricky little question tags is to practise them on a constant basis. So here is another question tag test for you: Question Tag Test 3.

This test also contains other constructions such as 'used to work' and 'in that case' and 'keep quiet'. I understand that there might be phrases or words in this test you don't quite understand. That's why you should use the forum. You can ask questions on the forum, too. Just click on the 'Explanation Links' or use the 'New Topic' button on this forum: Grammar and Vocabulary Forum.

But let's get back to the title of this email, which is '3 things you need to learn English effectively'. As you know, there are millions of people around the world who want to improve their English but don't know why. Interestingly enough, there are basically only Three things you need to learn to be successful.

Out of the three things mentioned in the article, which one do you think is the most important? Based on my experience, most people struggle when it comes to changing their habits. What about you Friend, how good are you at changing your habits? For example, have you started to use the forum instead of sticking to email? How much of your daily 'information intake' is in English? As usual, I look forward to hearing your comments. To share you opinion, please use this forum thread: Three things you need to be a successful English learner.

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Torsten Daerr
Author: Torsten Daerr