China Inc. 2

Dear [FRIEND],

You obviously receive dozens or even hundreds of emails every day. When you get too many emails you can quickly end up being overwhelmed by all the information. This situation is referred to as ‘information overload’ and it shows that too much information is one of the challenges faced by people today.

So, how does the term ‘information overload’ relate to the emails I’ve sent you? Well, in my previous two emails to you I described a new project . The project is called ‘China Inc. Listening’ and it helps you practise and improve your listening skills as well as enabling you to learn new facts about the Chinese economy.

In my previous email I inserted a link to the audio book ‘China Inc.’ by Ted Fishman so you can listen to it for free. Interestingly enough, hundreds of our readers said on the forum that they want to participate in the project and many have asked for more information.

This is an excellent example of 'information overload' because you already have everything you need to start on the project:
1) You have the link to the audio book.
2) You have a headset computer with a headset of loudspeakers.

That's it. You can now listen to the MP3 file, stop it, write down what you hear, play the next sentence or two, stop the recording again and write down the next sentence. If you keep this activity up for a couple of minutes every day I can guarantee that your listening comprehension and concentration will improve dramatically.

I posted the project outline on October 14, 2010 and it was only on January 21, 2011 that the first forum user posted the first part of the transcript. The name of this forum user is Pet and they did an excellent job. You can see Pet's transcript here as post number 162: First Part of Transcript China Inc.

As for the first part of the audio book, here it is: China Inc., Audio Book, MP3

I look forward to your transcripts and ideas.

Best regards,
Torsten Daerr
Author: Torsten Daerr