Its vs. it's? (Do you know the possessives?)

Dear Friend,

How are you getting along with your English course? This is lesson number 5 and today we are taking a closer look at personal profiles. Did you notice the difference between the two words its and it's? The first word (its) is a possessive adjective. For example, you can say "I have a car. Its color is green". The second word (it's) is the short form of "it is": What's the time? It's 6:35. Now, why don't you write a short personal profile about yourself so I get to know you better? I hope you have already registered on our forum? If not, please do so right now. Simply go to the registration page and create a new forum account. This will take less than 3 minutes. Here is the registration page: forum registration. As soon as you create your forum account, you will receive an email with a link. Please click on that link to confirm your registration. Many thanks.

On to our listening training. As you remember, last time we started to review the letters of the English alphabet and here are the next letters. So, can you spell your name now in English? Of course we are also going to take a new English test today. This time you are going to learn the difference between the verbs start and begin. If you are not sure, when to use which of these two verbs, you might want to read Alan Townend's article Start or begin? I know, there will be quite a few new words in this text and if you like, you can ask me to explain them. Simply go to the forum and post your question.

So, see you on the forum!
Author: Torsten Daerr