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One of the words in our previous lesson was "interesting". Now, do you know the opposite of the adjective "interesting"? Yes, it's either "boring" or "dull". Of course I hope that our English course is not dull or boring at all. You probably find it interesting and exciting, don't you? Last time we looked at "personal profiles" and today we're reviewing the possessive adjectives so you can say even more about yourself and other people.

You need to know the possessive adjectives to say that something belongs to somebody. For example: "My name is Friend and I work for an IT company. Our boss is a woman from Ontario, Canada. Most of our clients are from Asia and we really value their business." How many more sentences can you create using the possessive adjectives? You have probably noticed that the words "their" and "there" are pronounced the same way but of course they mean different things. Do you know what we call words that have the same sound but different spellings? Yes, they are called "homophones" or "homonyms". Here is another pair of homophones: hear and here. OK, this should be enough grammar for today. It's time for some listening practice again.

Today's audio recording is about the English alphabet. Since many English words are spelled differently from the way they are pronounced, it is very important for you to be able to use the alphabet correctly. In your next email you will receive a link to the second part of our audio alphabet recording.

Friend, how did you get on with your last English test? Did you get all the questions right on the first attempt? If not, you can repeat the test as often as you like. Our test today is called end or finish? Let me know how many questions you get right. As usual, I look forward to hearing your comments here on the forum.

You are going to receive lesson number 5 shortly.

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Torsten Daerr
Author: Torsten Daerr