Ready for the weather?


Do you like talking about the weather? If so, you should really try the English test in today's lesson because it contains a lot of useful weather expressions. What's more, Alan has written this test in the form of a real mini-weather forecast. This means you will learn to understand weather reports and forecasts. Oh by the way, do you happen to know the difference between a weather forecast and a weather report? No, then you should post this question here on the forum. In case you do know the difference between both words, you can tell me so on the forum too. At any rate, I look forward to your feedback. I hope you are ready to listen to Mary? Oh, Mary is the weather forecaster in Alan's weather test. Did you notice that the test is also an example of how the "will future" is used? As a matter of fact, you might want to count how often you see a "will future" construction in that test. Brilliant, isn't it? Speaking of brilliant things, what about working on your pronunciation again a little? In the following session you will learn how to distinguish between the long and the short "i" sound. Click here for your next phonetics session.

Before I go, I'd like to introduce Victor to you. He is from the capital of Ukraine and has a lot of different hobbies such as playing the guitar, reading good books and poetry. Victor also wants to know what you think about his country so please go to the forum to share your thoughts.

Best regards,
Author: Torsten Daerr