Show me your face ;-)

Hello Friend,

Congratulations on the great progress you have been making in your English course. I really hope you will keep up this excellent pace. Today we are moving onto the next stage in our training course and you will have to meet a new challenge which you can read about further down in this email. But first let me answer an important question that many of your fellow learners have asked me several times: What is the difference between using email and the forum? Well, technically there isn't much of a difference between them at all. Both communication systems allow you to send and receive text messages and to ask and answer questions.

However, the one big difference between writing emails and posting forum messages is that the forum allows you to share your ideas and thoughts with many people while email communication is always limited to two people. As a learner of English you need to connect with other learners as well as with native speakers and language coach from around the world. Can you achieve this through email? No. But you can do it by using the forum. There is a large number of advantages in using the forum rather than email and if you want to improve your English, you simply must click and read email vs. forum here. As you can see, the forum gives you the opportunity to learn from other people and other learners and language teachers can learn from you as well. Learning English is all about sharing information and knowledge and there is no better place to practise these skills than our forum.

So what's the connection between watching TV and using the forum? Very simple, Alan has written this TV English test for you and he will answer any questions you might have on the forum direct.

By the way, I'd really like get to know you better so I can help you improve your English even more. Many of our forum users add a personal photo to their forum profile. To see an example, please click on Maryann's profile. As you can see, Maryann has uploaded her own picture to her forum profile page. Why is this important? Well, our forum is like a virtual classroom. Imagine an English class where the students and teachers hide their faces behind masks. Would you like to work with such a class? So, if you really want to improve your English, you should at least "show your face" on the forum so your teachers can get an impression of you as a human being rather than just another electronic forum user.

In one way, you are also our customers. Of course all our email and forum services are free of charge but we still would like to treat you as if you were paying a lot of money to us. So, what exactly is a customer? To find out more, please listen to this audio recording.

As usual, I look forward to speaking to you on the forum.

Best regards,
Torsten Daerr
Author: Torsten Daerr