What's the time?

Good afternoon Friend,

What is the latest with you? How are you getting along with your English course? Many people have asked me how they can learn English even faster. Well, I've shared my experiences on this question here. What about you, how do you think you can learn English most effectively? I'd really like to hear your opinion on this important matter so please use the forum to share your ideas: How to learn English?

Our grammar topic today is how to tell the time. There are many ways of telling the time and the easiest is probably the 'digital format'. Here are some examples:

7:15 (It's seven fifteen.)
8:25 (It's eight twenty-five.)
14:47 (It's two forty-seven pm.)

Of course you might have learned how to use phrases such as "quarter past", "quarter to" or "half past" to tell the time. Let's see what Sunny has to say on this: What's the time? So, what is your favourite way of asking and telling the time in English? And what about the names of the 12 months, do you know all of them? On the following audio recording Sue Darville talks about the months. Friend, do you remember which of the twelve months is Sue's favourite one and why? If you do know the answer, please share it with us here.

And now on to our next English test. It's all about the "relative pronouns". Again, this might sound complicated but when you answer the multiple choice questions, you will learn which word to choose without long explanations. Ready? Then click here.

Friend, how many of the relative pronoun questions did you get right? As usual, I'd like to you to post your feedback and questions on the forum. In case you haven't opened your forum account yet, here is the registration page again.

I look forward to meeting you on the forum.

See you soon.
Author: Torsten Daerr