When will you be a star?

Dear friend,

I hope you are in a good mood today because I'd like to tell you a secret. I know that you want to improve your English. Or, if you are a teacher you want to help your students improve their English. That's why you started this email English course, didn't you? Now, in lesson 22 I asked you to add a photo to your forum profile. (Just a quick reminder: The forum is our online learning platform, it's not this email). I still receive dozens of emails from students every day asking me where they can find the forum. Well, as a clever learner you should know the answer to this question.

So let me get back to the photo issue. Why is it important to personalize your forum user account? As we established in a previous lesson, the forum is like a 'virtual classroom' and I'm one of your teachers and you want me to teach you English. All I'm asking is for you to help me make my job easier by adding a photo of yours to your forum account. I realize that this might be quite a difficult task to accomplish. One of our forum members, Alina has asked how she can add a photo to her forum profile and you can read the answer here.

When you add a picture of yourself to your forum account, I will get a better idea of you as a person and you will improve your chances of learning English as fast as possible.

Another question I often answer on the forum and via email is this: How can I learn English grammar? Well, if you start using the forum, your grammar will improve almost automatically. Provided of course you complete at least 3 of our grammar tests every single day. Yes, you've heard that right -- you should take three tests a day rather than one test every four days. In every email lesson I introduce just one test to you but on our site you will find more than 1530 grammar and vocabulary tests! This means, if you complete three tests a day you will find enough exercises and materials to practise your English for more than one year! Where do you find all those tests? Simply click on the "next" button or use the navigation panels on our site. If that's too difficult for you, you can wait for the test I include in my email lesson. For example, today's English test is called "Sailing" and you can try it by clicking here.

When you are finished with the test, you can should listen to Sue's audio recording about office equipment.

If you like, you can post all the office equipment words you understand here on the forum.

Before I go, I'd like to tell you about another new feature we have added to the system. From now on, all forum members who are taking our tests have a little star in front of their user names. To see an example, please click here.

When will you become one of our stars?
See you on the forum soon.
Best regards,
Torsten Daerr
Author: Torsten Daerr