Make or Do? 2

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Make or Do? or "Doing Time"

Vocabulary Explanations

  • making a mistake
    If you make a mistake you do something wrong.

  • make a complete fool of myself
    If you make a fool of yourself you do something stupid so that other people laugh at you and ridicule you.

  • make the best of it
    If you make the best of something you do everything to exploit the situation to your best advantage.

  • making a fuss
    You make a fuss about something if you are dissatisfied with a situation and you complain about it.

  • doesn't do any harm
    If you do harm to a person you hurt or even injure them. If you do harm to something you damage it.

  • make it back
    If you make it back you manage to find your way back to the point where you started from.

  • the day is done
    When your day is done you should be finished with your work and relax.

  • make the wrong decision
    If you make the wrong decision you don't choose the best option.

  • doing time
    If you do time you are being punished for doing something wrong. The expression was originally used to describe criminals who are serving a sentence in prison.

  • make someone angry
    If you make someone angry you do something that the person doesn't like at all.

  • do the right thing
    If you do the right thing you do what you think is best in a particular situation.

  • I really did it that day
    This expression is used when you do something very stupid.

  • doing about 60-70 miles an hour
    If you do 60-70 miles an hour you are driving your car at a speed of 60-70 an hour.

  • made wonderful piecesof furniture
    Produced wonderful furniture.

  • make for the back
    If you make for a place you move towards it, usually rather hurriedly.

  • did a good lunch
    If you go to a restaurant because the food there always tastes good you can use this expression.

  • do my homework
    If you do your homework, you prepare yourself in advance.

  • make the right choice
    If you make the choice you select the best option. This expression is the opposite to make the wrong decision.

  • that had made him
    If you manage to do a very good job establishing a name for yourself and your services, you can use this expression.

  • did a fair price
    If a shop or store always offers its products at a fair price you can say They do a fair price.

  • made my mind up
    When you think about your options and then select one of them you make your mind up.

  • do for
    It will be enough.

  • done the necessary
    This usually means that you pay the bill, pay for the service.

  • made a face
    To make a grimace.

  • do for me
    If someone wants to do for you, you should run away from them as fast as you can because this means, they want to kill you.

  • made it easy
    If you help a person achieve their goal you make it easy for them.

  • making an attempt
    If you try doing something you make an attempt.

  • made as little noise as possible
    You try to be very silent.

  • made out
    If you can not hear or understand what a person says because it is so noisy you can not make it out.

  • I had done it again
    If you have repeated a stupid mistake you can say "I have done it again".

  • I made my apologies
    If you say sorry you make your apologies.

  • made light of the matter
    If you accept an unpleasant situation lightheartedly and don't complain you make light of the matter.

  • make good the damage
    If you repair or mend something that has been broken you make good the damage.
Author: Alan Townend