Phrasal verb go 2

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Phrasal verb go or "Going on"

Vocabulary explanations

  • going on about
    talking about in detail

  • not go down very well
    not be accepted easily by

  • go around
    walk about

  • go through
    complete (a performance of)

  • go together
    combine/join up

  • go out
    are turned out/off

  • go about looking for
    trying hard to find

  • went out
    left home/the house

  • going along

  • went well together
    suited each other

  • go back

  • go for it
    take a chance

  • went ahead
    proceeded with

  • went off

  • go around
    suffice/be sufficient

  • my heart went out
    I felt sympathy for

  • went down
    came down

  • gone over

  • go into detail
    explain exactly

  • going up

  • going down
    getting worse

  • nothing going for him
    nothing to recommend him

  • go without everything
    no longer have anything
Author: Alan Townend