Phrasal verb hold 2

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Phrasal verb hold or "Hold on"

Vocabulary Explanations

I have to hold myself together
I have to compose myself

I do hold off doing things
I delay doing things

hold on to
cling to

held up
stuck in

held them back
stopped them

holding to the old-fashioned belief
maintaining the old-fashioned belief

hold forth
speak out

hold down their jobs
continue to keep their jobs

held on to a job
retain/keep a job

held off making any comments
refrained from making any comments

hold out a helping hand
offer a hand

hold out without breaking out
hang on without breaking out into a sweat

hold with this newfangled technology
believe in this newfangled technology

feelings were not being held in any longer
feelings were not being suppressed any longer

held up in the lift
trapped in a lift

holding out much hope
offering much hope

holding back my feelings
suppressing my feelings

my appointment could be held over for another day
my appointment could be postponed to another day

hold to my plan
stick to my plan

our spirits held up very well
our spirits remained high

we all seemed to hold ourselves up
we all seemd to remain in high spirits

hold on for just a bit longer
stay on for just a bit longer

held out promises
offered promises

hold on
stay on
Author: Alan Townend