Phrasal verb look 2

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Phrasal verb look or "Look Out!"

Vocabulary Explanations

often you are looked on
often you are regarded

needs looking after
needs medical attention

looking onto the lake
with a view on the lake

just looking out of the window
just looking through the window

You are looking at it now
You can see it now

They look away
They look in the other direction

look at photographs
see photographs

look into the matter
investigate the matter

looking for support
hoping for support

looking forward to finding
awaiting with pleasure the idea of finding

I look back to a time
I reminisce about a time

to look ahead of you.
look in front of you

looking through the window
looking through the window to the other side

look in on her
visit her

I looked her up and down
I examined what she looked like

looking out for you
trying to find you

looked right through me
ignored me

looked on

looked round
turned to look

look her over again
check what she looked like again

look her up
pay her a visit

looked about the hall
had a good look at the hall

looked down on her
despised her

looked her straight in the face
looked at her face to face

looked up the word
checked the meaning of the word

things are looking up
things are improving

looked up to me
respected me

looking out for my neighbours
trying to see my neighbours
Author: Alan Townend