Phrasal verb take 2

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Phrasal verb take or "Take on"

Vocabulary Explanations

he didn't take to the idea
he didn't like the idea

taken over from his previous boss
acquired the job from his previous boss

took him aside
he led him to one side to talk to him privately

take up
much of his time
occupy much of his time

took up a piece of paper
picked up a piece of paper

take the matter up
discuss the matter

take the matter further
discuss the matter in greater detail

take himself off
dismiss/fire himself

take in the news
absorb/grasp the news

taken up with himself
preoccupied with himself

sales would soon take off
sales would soon rise considerably

take up all those hobbies
start doing all his hobbies

take to his new life
enjoy his new life

taken aback by the news
shocked by the news

take Henderson by the throat
strangle Henderson

he took after his father
he was like his father

take in the possible advantages
comprehend the possible advantages

taking it out on Henderson
blaming Henderson

taken up with making preparations
preoccupied with making preparations

what task he had taken on
what task he had committed himself to

he took out a loan
he negotiated a loan

the bank manager taken with
the bank manager was impressed by

took on two of the fifty that applied
employed/hired two of the fifty that applied

taken on another ten staff
employed/hired another ten staff

taken over a local agency
become owner of a local agency

they took him for
they regarded him as

they took back all their critical remarks
they retracted all their critical remarks

take in a large amount of business
generate a large amount of business

taken the tax away from his earnings
deducted the tax from his earnings

he didn't take on airs
he didn't behave in a conceited way

taking off the boss
mimickingg the boss

he had taken upon himself to apply for a job
he had decided to apply for a job

take Henderson down
humiliate Henderson

as he took down Henderson's details
as he wrote down/jotted down Henderson's details

take on a role
accept a role

he took to the idea immediately
he liked the idea immediately

Charlie took out a video
Charlie removed a video

Henderson was taking everything in
Henderson was absorbing/grasping everything
Author: Alan Townend