A good real estate rental market

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Ray Alcorn of Park Real Estate Inc remarks that real estate is a capital-intensive industry, and its health rises and falls with capital availability; currently the capital markets are so ..... with cash, they can't find a place for it all.

  • 2

    Boom times typically engender oversupply of product, but construction prices have skyrocketed due to natural disasters and rising commodity prices, which has ..... new building in all property types.

  • 3

    Rising consumer interest rates will further slow consumer purchasing and the housing market, and may produce the desired soft ......

  • 4

    Historically, contractions in capital have a negative effect on valuations, and current ..... from government regulators aiming to trim commercial banks' real estate loan exposure are worrisome.

  • 5

    Global markets are literally awash in capital, all of it seeking yield and stability; fortunately, commercial real estate offers both, and even if banks are constrained there is a ..... of capital to fill the void.

  • 6

    Construction costs have gone through the ..... in the past year due to natural disasters and increased commodity prices.

  • 7

    High construction costs and condo conversions have reduced new supply and a slowing housing market increases rental demand, so owners can now flex their muscles with rent increases, and those who bought at high valuations may yet get the ......

  • 8

    Areas with declining employment and population will experience an acceleration of those trends, and investors will not acquire properties in such markets without good reason to believe a comeback is in the ......

  • 9

    Retail properties will suffer as owners rediscover risk as a component of value, but most of these assets are owned by well-capitalized private equity groups that can easily ..... the storm.

  • 10

    Acquisition of stabilized properties at low cap rates with little potential for rent growth is a sure ..... for below market returns.

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