A Mosaic of Information

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    ..... analysts assemble a mosaic of information in order to come up with investment theses; they provide a valuable service in reaching material conclusions by sifting through information and extracting the bits that may be insignificant to ordinary investors.

  • 2

    ..... purchase programs let investors buy shares without a broker intervening; companies have discovered that these investors are a stabler shareholder base, less likely to participate in day trading.

  • 3

    ..... depreciation is just as it infers: the same amount is deducted each year, so if you are depreciating a $10,000 piece of equipment over 5 years, you would deduct $2000 a year.

  • 4

    Unscrupulous mortgage lenders often lure home buyers with ..... rates without explaining their actual contract rate, which is buried in the paperwork, and the greater the spread between these rates, the bigger the chances of contract shock for unsuspecting homeowners.

  • 5

    ..... board is the delivery dates on futures contracts established by the Chicago Board of Trade.

  • 6

    ..... of premium is a way of insuring the monthly premiums on your life insurance; if you become unable to work because of ill health, payments are made for you until you can return to work, up to a specified age or until the end of the term of your policy.

  • 7

    In 1971, the American Municipal Bond ..... Corporation was created to insure against default the principal and interest of municipal bonds; the first issue it insured was a general obligation bond for construction of a medical facility in Alaska.

  • 8

    A ..... Education Savings Account is a custodial account or trust organized or created in the US for the sole purpose of paying qualified education expenses for its designated beneficiary; monies deposited in this account grow tax free until distributed, but contributions to it are not deductible.

  • 9

    The Federal ..... Board took action on the 17th of August to permit banks to line up at the Fed window and turn in sub-prime mortgages at full face value in return for 100% Fed cash, and several hundred billion dollars in dodgy assets were turned over.

  • 10

    ..... Tax can be payable on an estate when a person dies or when assets are transferred to a company or into a discretionary trust, but for most estates no IHT will be payable because they are within the nil rate range.

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