A Night Out

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    The other night we went out to the cinema or the ..... as they would say in the USA.
  • 2
    Nothing unusual you might say but we haven't visited a cinema for ......
  • 3
    The subject ..... of the film concerned the American Civil War in the 1860's.
  • 4
    At least that was ..... to be the background although the main interest was in something else.
  • 5
    It will come as no ..... to you I'm sure if I tell you that this interest was in a love affair.
  • 6
    The young couple in the story only meet about three times but still manage to ..... deeply in love.
  • 7
    When you see the first kiss on the ..... and you are sitting in row four, it can be very dramatic.
  • 8
    Everything is so much bigger than you expect and you are constantly ..... your head from side to side.
  • 9
    And the sound is much greater too. During the war scenes I was jumping up and down out of my seat like a ..... in the box at every explosion.
  • 10
    The following evening we were back again watching television but after the cinema it's never the ..... again.

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