A Sticky Moment

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    Andrew was terrified on the first day in his new job and he wondered how he would stick it ......
  • 2
    His girlfriend advised him not to let everyone boss him around and begged him to stick ..... for himself.
  • 3
    With this in mind and for his own self-respect he was determined to stick ..... it.
  • 4
    He made a good friend that first day who advised him to stick ..... him and ignore what anyone said.
  • 5
    A sudden moment of drama occurred when a man rushed into the office and told everyone to stick their hands ......
  • 6
    He was rather sticking his neck ..... because Andrew had in fact once been a police officer.
  • 7
    At that precise moment Andrew thought it wasn't a very good idea to stick his oar ..... and interfere.
  • 8
    But it soon became clear to everyone that he had trained in this type of work as it stuck ..... a mile.
  • 9
    He calmly approached the gunman and told him to stick his gun ...... The latter did as he was told and handed Andrew the gun.
  • 10
    Understandably Andrew was cheered by everyone and since that day has been stuck ..... a reputation for being very brave.

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