Adverbially Speaking

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    They had to drive ..... up the hill because the car was very old.
  • 2
    Please listen ..... because this is important.
  • 3
    Sorry we're late but we got here as ..... as we could.
  • 4
    He mumbled throughout his speech so I could ..... understand a single word.
  • 5
    I trust his judgement - he ..... makes a mistake.
  • 6
    You've ..... ruined my new carpet with your filthy shoes.
  • 7
    You haven't ..... written that letter, have you?
  • 8
    I have ..... told her not to do that and yet she always does.
  • 9
    It was a very long day but we ..... arrived in time for tea.
  • 10
    He didn't want me to enter and ..... disputed my reason for being there.

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