Adverbs and Gerunds

Every sentence contains an error. Please find it and type the corrected version into the box below each sentence.
  • 1

    We went there on holiday. I remember it well but then that was before many years and it's probably changed since then.

  • 2

    The policeman asked a lot of questions about the car and I kept telling him it was mine and I belonged it.

  • 3

    You just can't compare the two houses because it's quite obvious that theirs is very larger than ours.

  • 4

    Sometimes when you see the news on television, you get a living report from a journalist at the scene of an incident.

  • 5

    When I was living in the country, I was used to get up very early to catch the train into the city.

  • 6

    They have a tendency to miss the train they wanted and so they'll probably arrive late as usually.

  • 7

    It'll only take me a few minutes and I'll be back very soon but I just have to do a phone call home.

  • 8

    I delayed to write my letter to her because I didn't know in all honesty what to say.

  • 9

    Waiter, I wonder if you could get me the addition as soon as possible because we have to catch the last train home.

  • 10

    Just one more thing, waiter, do I have to pay with cash or do you accept credit cards?

Author: Alan Townend