Advertising: Verbs (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Many companies want to ..... more exposure so they create commercials in order to promote themselves and their products.

  • 2

    Companies ..... their products and services by way of commercials and websites these days.

  • 3

    Marketing campaigns hope to ..... more business by creating and promoting catchy commercials.

  • 4

    Companies try to ..... their television commercials to a large number of viewers at one time. However, this kind of advertising is very expensive.

  • 5

    When someone wants to make his/her opinions or products public, you can say that he/she wants to ..... them.

  • 6

    Many television commercials are created in order to ..... viewers into buying the aired products.

  • 7

    Some food-related commercials try to ..... viewers by presenting scrumptious and delicious meals on television.

  • 8

    Many sales' associates ..... in order to increase sales. This is when associates try to sell more products to customers as add-on items. For example, a sales' associate may try to sell you shoe polish when you buy a pair of shoes.

  • 9

    Many companies try to ..... their products as multi-functional items. For example, many commercials have short demonstrations that show the viewers how many different ways their products can be used.

  • 10

    Many commercials advertise sales and marked-down items. For example, a spokesman might say, "We are ..... all prices this weekend!" This means that regular priced items are reduced by a large amount during this particular sales event.

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