Advertising: Vocabulary Practice (1)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1
    A common, shortened form of the word advertisement is ......
  • 2
    A ..... is a short phrase that is used in advertising promotions and/or commercials. "Just do it!" is a famous example of this.
  • 3
    A ..... is an identifying symbol or statement that is used by companies in order to promote their companies and/or products.
  • 4
    A ..... is a short song or verse that is used in advertising campaigns and commercials.
  • 5
    A ..... is a word or short phrase that is used to describe a product or a company's aims, principles and/or character.
  • 6
    Many companies try to use ..... tunes or phrases. These are memorable phrases or songs that many people like instantaneously.
  • 7
    Companies want to create ..... billboards because they want potential customers to notice the products or services that are displayed and promoted.
  • 8
    Some companies use celebrity ..... to promote their products or services. This is when a company hires a celebrity to promote its products and/or services in commercials, announcements etc.
  • 9
    Sending ..... to email accounts is a common way of advertising since the inception of the Internet. These are unsolicited emails that are sent to a large number of addresses at once.
  • 10
    A ..... phrase is a popular phrase or wording used in pop culture. It is widely known because it's used on a repetitive basis.

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