American Slang Words (8)

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Lisa has a very hyper son and she meets with his teacher a lot.

  • 2

    You really have to hustle if you want to meet the deadline.

  • 3

    Those colors are really in right now. A lot of people are using those shades in their homes.

  • 4

    She wears too much makeup and very revealing clothing. She looks like a hooker at times.

  • 5

    She's hot. A lot of guys at school like her.

  • 6

    She's a very intense person. I think she needs to relax more.

  • 7

    Don really got himself into a jam this time. He needs help.

  • 8

    Isaac hung around with the wrong crowd and I'm afraid for him because he's in too deep now.

  • 9

    In the past, people used to jerk me around more. Nowadays, I put my foot down a lot more.

  • 10

    Some of the girls at school like the jocks.

Author: Charles Harper

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