Anti-Fraud Regulations

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Treasury departments and banks are facing increasing regulatory requirements to minimise financial crime, but how can they balance compliance with the needs of the business and what tools are ..... their disposal?

  • 2

    Methods of payment and banking are becoming more ....., as seen in the latest automation, electronic peer-to-peer payment networks and methods of identity authentification, among others.

  • 3

    This is a world that is trying to combine the speed of product delivery with security enhancements, so when the regulator imposes tougher standards in the area of financial crime, it is no wonder that some corporates and banks can feel somewhat ......

  • 4

    One of the most basic ..... measures for all organisations is to acknowledge the fact that they are at risk from financial crime - that applies as much to a small local company as it does for a multi-billion dollar multinational, says Ben Poole of gtnews.

  • 5

    The risk can sometimes be greater for small and medium enterprises, as they are more likely to operate on very tight margins and will not have a reserve of funds to ..... back on if they are affected by fraud.

  • 6

    Smaller companies don't often have a qualified IT administrator, which can leave their network open to attack from ..... outside influences.

  • 7

    As Barry Schofield notes: "Companies produce newsletters, policy-meeting minutes and so on, filled with project data, details about people, company status updates and other information; although information on a computer can be extremely important, the same piece of information written on a ..... is just as valuable."

  • 8

    As well as taking control of financial crime issues, companies also face a whole ..... of government compliance issues and regulations.

  • 9

    As new and revised regulations are implemented, it is important that organisations of all sizes keep up to date with what is required of them; if they do not, they can expect to be penalised by the regulator, as well as possibly ..... themselves open to fraud.

  • 10

    ..... into action by global events such as 9/11, Enron, the dot-com crash and even the current credit crunch, regulators around the world have created a vast amount of legislation that banks and corporates must abide by or face the consequences.

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