Apple advertising philosophy

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    It was on September 30, 1997 that Steve Jobs revealed Apple's new marketing strategy, which would entail focusing on Apple's brand; Steve cited Nike commercials that left people with a feeling of physical excellence without ever showing the ......

  • 2

    The problem with Steve's ..... is, of course, that Nike doesn't just advertise with television ads, Nike also sponsors athletes, tons of them.

  • 3

    Undoubtedly Apple would have pursued the sponsorship idea, but since people won't willingly watch other people use computers, they were unable to ..... themselves of that option.

  • 4

    Apple's strategy may have been mistaken, incomplete or a ..... of genius depending on your perspective.

  • 5

    In any event, Apple held the ..... for years: if you were to take any particular television ad produced between the date of Steve's speech and the most recent July you'll note that they share a common theme.

  • 6

    What could a TV spot featuring Einstein, Gandhi, Picasso and a Richard Dreyfuss voiceover have in common with G4 towers surrounded by tanks? - rest assured the common theme is there, but it takes a moment to ..... the thing out.

  • 7

    Once it ..... though, it becomes impossible not to notice it in every subsequent ad.

  • 8

    The theme isn't one of some hidden message or even a ..... background but rather something that is omitted: specifically, you never see the Apple products actually working.

  • 9

    You'll be treated to spinning Macs, slovenly snails, or silhouettes dancing, but never an actual product doing what it was designed to do: the most ..... example of this is the spot introducing Airport.

  • 10

    While the technology has become commonplace today it was Apple who first ..... onto the wireless future, yet they never showed Airport operating wirelessly.

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