Assessing Yourself and Your Business Idea

Please choose the most appropriate answer for each sentence.
  • 1

    Four basic factors influence a successful business .....: a qualified entrepreneur, a profitable business idea, a thorough business plan, and adequate capital.

  • 2

    Before you proceed, you should assess both your own entrepreneurial skills and the ..... of your business concept.

  • 3

    If it is not ..... for you and your business concept to succeed, you will not need to spend time writing a business plan and seeking financing.

  • 4

    Many studies have been conducted and even more articles written on 'the right .....' for being an entrepreneur - the primary characteristics of successful business owners.

  • 5

    Self-confidence: the aspirant believes in own ideas and abilities, and ..... that belief to others.

  • 6

    Risk-taking: the aspirant can ..... status quo, explore options and pursue opportunities.

  • 7

    Decision-making: the aspirant has the ability to make ..... choices even in a stressful environment.

  • 8

    Persistence: the aspirant can ..... pursue goals regardless of the energy and commitment required.

  • 9

    Goal-.....: the aspirant can envision a desired outcome, as well as plan and implement the activities required to achieve it.

  • 10

    Begin improvement by reading business magazines and books, enrolling in educational programs, and seeking out a ..... who exhibits the traits you need most.

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