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Adverbs of Quantity (5)

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Quite a ..... employees are not happy with the new boss's attitude. Let's talk to the boss about it.


You really shouldn't have ..... more beer. You're really drunk and I think you should go home.


Sally cries ..... time her mother goes to work. Sally wants her mother to stay home and play with her.


I've tried to lose weight by going on diets before, but ..... time I seemed to gain more weight. What can I do to lose weight?


I know ..... of you think that this course will be easy, but let me assure you that it can be difficult if you don't study.


There are a ..... dings in the body of the car, but the engine runs well and the interior is in really good shape.


..... time I try to trim my dog's nails, she struggles and runs away.


I take care of my kids ..... day long.


I want to move ..... of the boxes into the moving truck first. Then, we can put the furniture into it afterwards.


There were ..... of people at the fundraiser on Monday night.

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