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At the Finance Company

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Hello everyone, these is Sue Sarville once again. How are things with you?


Today I'm going to telling you a little about what I do every day.


I usually get up on about 6.30 and the very first thing I do is switch on the radio.


It's always tuned with BBC radio news so I start the day finding out what's been happening in the world.


My workplace is very closely by so I can easily walk there. It takes about 20 minutes in all and it's good exercise for me as I try to walk as quickly as possible.


I usually start work at 8:45 and finish at about 5:15. My colleagues and I work for the large finance company.


There is 10 people in our office — 7 financial advisors, a customer relations manager, a training officer and our area manager.


I have my own desk which has a PC and a telephone. From my PC I can access the internet as well also our corporate intranet.


All of our clients are private individuals who needs advice on how best to invest their money.


The clients get in touch with our company either through email or the website or they phone to make an appointment with on of the advisors.

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