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Admire his Achievement

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I promise I won't forget the date of that meeting because I have made a note of it in my calendar.


The cabin over there is free at the moment if you'd like to try on those clothes to see if they fit.


I postponed to taking my driving test until I was absolutely sure that I had mastered the technique of driving.


Did you notice any particular characteristics about the thief — was he wearing long hair?


The waiter insisted that I paid the bill with cash although I wanted to pay by cheque.


It's a very rare case indeed if a serious earthquake takes place in that country.


I've asked again and again but nobody seems capable of explaining the reason of the accident that took place last week.


When the president appeared on the balcony a large crowd started singing 'Go home! Go home!' until the poor man had to leave.


It's virtually impossible to cheat in the examination because investigators patrol the room every ten minutes.


Since he's now the chef of the company and has worked his way to the top from office junior, you have to admire his achievement.

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