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At the Conference

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We left our booking for the event until the last moment and so the hotel could not accumulate all of us.


Probably the most interesting meeting of the whole week was the one when everybody had the opportunity to take portion.


In the beginning before the actual conference started there was an informal gathering at which the different members were able to get in gear with each other.


After breakfast on the second day there was a notice pinned up on a board near reception that indicated the new position where that afternoon's activities would be held.


One of the speakers scheduled for the day before the final meeting was known to be very boring and so few delegates waited his presentation.


For the most popular speakers the committee had decided to use the main hall that is capable of supporting at least 200 people.


There was such overwhelming support for the sitting on psychology that the organisers decided to repeat it in the evening.


They had not allowed for the high demand there would be for evening meals among the participants and so the dining hall was always overpopulated then.


There was a lot of administration during the first afternoon before the conference started when all the delegates had to record.


At the end of the conference organisations had been made for all members who had come by train to be taken by taxi to the station.

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