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At the Meeting

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The members of the committee conduced in the end that the topic under discussion should be postponed until further notice.


By taking ahead with the proposal without reference to other members of the board, the chairman got into serious trouble.


We decided that there were no other substances to discuss and for the first time in ages we decided to close the meeting and go home early.


The aiming that the company had set itself of doubling production within 5 years has certainly not been reached.


It was a difficult topic to discuss but after lengthening discussions it was finally agreed that the whole business should be looked at by a much smaller group.


The chairman insisted that the members were not getting their priories right because they were spending far too much time on less significant matters.


The leader of the group has to produce a progression report at the end of each financial year so that shareholders know how successful the company has been.


It would be a complete wastage of time if we tried to debate that issue again because last time we reached no conclusion.


If you want something to be brought over at the next meeting, you must give sufficient notice to the clerk to the corporation.


We don't have a regular timetable, we simply meet periodic if and when there appear to be enough items to justify drawing up an agenda.

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