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Gerunds and Prepositions

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I would like to make a demand to the hotel management that they allow people to choose the TV programme they want to watch.


If you buy large quantities of this product, you will be able to get a much better price than the usual detail price.


They say but then no one really knows that the presence of security cameras in the street deters people to behaving in a criminal way.


The hotel direction insists that all visitors leave their rooms by 11 am at the very latest on the day of departure.


I'm absolutely sure that that's the man whom has been following me around all day long.


You can easily tell that the parents paid a lot of attention to those children because they have excellent ways.


I've just been on the bathroom scales and I know I've got to eat less because I am weighing far too much.


I advised him about the low ceilings in the house but he took no notice and hit his head three times.


The first thing she did when she got to the hotel was to put her rings and other values in the safe provided.


You must really make an effort; stop making excuses and try saving some money each month from wages this year.

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