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Latin Words

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According to the latest opinion polls the government is doing very badly and trialing well behind the opposition.


Are you in agreement with the new proposal or putanother way are you in flavour of it?


This is a complete reversal of the terms as they were originally laid out in the last will and testament.


The scheme was to try and rise the morale of the workers and make them feel more cheerful.


The detective came to the conclusion that the crime had been commissioned by person or persons unknown.


To act in this disgraceful manner can only be described as contemptuous by anybody's standards.


They've sent far too many of these items and thus they are supercilious to our requirements.


This document must be regarded as containing an officiousregulation as it comes from a government department.


He's always losing his temper, shouting and getting himself into a terrible state of range.


I can borrow you a little money if you like because as they say, every little helps.

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