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Not the slightest idea

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It's absolutely no good asking me. I haven't the smallest idea.


I've thought over what you said and after a great deal of thought I am seeing what you mean.


Let me knowing when you come back from your holidays so that we can make arrangements to meet.


This meat is very hard and I think you should ask the chef to cook it for a bit longer.


You should know by now that I cannot stand it when my steak is not cooked properly as I always have mine well made.


You really must be more careful when you do your exercises because you did six elementary mistakes in this one.


As you probably know they are very organized people and when there are a lot of people at the bus stop they stand in a line.


I see you have some apples for sale and I only want two. Can you please tell me how much they are the piece?


In view of his poor health and also because he found it difficult to breath, the doctor recommended that he should move to a warmer country.


I'm afraid the number you want is occupied at the moment so I suggest you ring back later.

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