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The audience went wild

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He was accused of stealing an old lady in the high street just after she had left the bank.


The spectators went wild, started cheering and eventually stood up as they clapped to show their appreciation for the orchestra.


Since the abolition of capital punishment in this country murderers are not hung if they are found guilty.


Since the frontiers between different countries have almost stopped having any importance, nobody bothers to control your passport.


I think it's time you made your mind up regarding this situation because nobody really knows whose part you are on.


In a democratic country it is absolutely essential that anyone who is suspected of having committed a crime should be given a fair process.


Most of the production like fruit and vegetables that you find in this supermarket has been imported.


Remember that if you buy something expensive, it's very important to keep the recipe just in case there's a problem.


She never wears ordinary cloths when she does the gardening especially during the autumn.


As it was a very serious occasion and it involved an interview for his first proper job, he decided to buy himself a new suite.

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