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Her latest book

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Your late and this is the sixth time you've been late this week.


When you reach the old age you realize all those things you should have done when you were young.


I've read most of her books and they're all fascinating but I haven't read her newest book.


This was a very bad railway accident because two trains ran into each other but fortunately nobody was seriously wounded.


We're going to spend our summer holiday in Majorca this summer because we went thirteen years before and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


The reason why I like those huge American cars is because they all have very attractive bends in the bodywork.


After a lot of telephoning they managed to find two seats for tonight's concert so they can sit besides each other.


I like most coffees very much but I'm not too sure about this one. It seems much too sour to me.


His life and achievements are being celebrated tonight to mark his birthday. He was borne in 1912.


They have showed to the rest of the world that they are probably the best players.

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