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I really wonder

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The trouble with him is that even when he is very angry inside, he never shows any feel on the outside.


During the war the soldiers had tried several times to captivate the enemy leader but had never managed to do so.


I wander why it is that you always manage to say something that is guaranteed to upset the person you are talking to.


They spoke to several persons at the party and they were all of the opinion that it was clearly the best event of the season.


It was one of those horrible movies where the main character turns into a werewolf as soon as there is a full moon.


Although he had made every effort to show that he had had a change of heart and would try to go straight in the future, nobody was in the least convicted.


If we have the times, I promise you that we'll do the best we can to call in to see you next time we're in town.


It was concluded after the investigation had taken place that nobody was to be regarded as in fault concerning the accident.


Let me make it perfectly plane that if you decide to leave your job, I shall in no way try and stop you.


Never mind we're all in the same ship now and we shall have to work together in order to find a solution.

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