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Sally and her Letter

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Sally sent out several letters to members about the proposed meeting but so far no-one has taken the trouble to answer her invitation.


She said her boss that she would be unable to come to work the following day because her car had broken down.


It is much more funny if you can share an amusing experience with someone you know well.


If I have the choice I much prefer eat in a restaurant rather than in a public house.


A dangerous criminal who was last seen having a drink in a small restaurant is being searched by the police.


I simply cannot imagine the life today without having the facility to use the internet with my computer.


After years of working at home he now cannot get used to have colleagues in the same office.


He always manages to arrive lately at work although he has recently bought three alarm clocks.


The whole point of the exercise is to make a compare between the two types of technology.


In my meaning there should ideally be a gap between school and university so that young people can see something of life.

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