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I wonder if you would be able to give me some aid after you've finished work tomorrow.


You can buy a newspaper at that little kiosk on the corner which is right before the cinema.


Come and sit besides me because it's ages since we've met and had a good long chat.


I had a big surprise this morning because in the post was an invitation to a wedding and of course I've accepted to go.


We've found the best way to get good accommodations before a holiday is due.


According to my opinion there should be some sort of help for the growing number of people who are finding it difficult to get a job.


This country has now adapted the parliamentary system that is already used in many different parts of the world.


We met by pure adventure and I can assure you that nothing had been planned in advance.


They've saved up and gone on a cruise about the world and so they won't be home for at least 3 months.


If you want an advice on that topic I suggest you go to the local Advice Bureau.

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