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Talk about it later

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I'm not going to accept this offer that you and the company have made and that's at last.


Who would know among all the people that matter that you done that?


I would rather not discuss the matter now but I'll say about it later.


I'm quite decided on what action I'm going to take so it's pointless trying to make me adapt my mind.


If you want to know my thoughts on the subject, I think it's a complete waist of time.


Can you please not talk so aloud because I can assure you I'm not really deaf.


Before you try to start that car, there's one important thing you have to do and that is to load the battery.


I really think you ought to put off your coat because it's very hot in here.


What would you say was the middle income for young people starting work in your country?


I've been paying out a lot of money recently in the hope of winning the lottery but so far I haven't had much chance yet.

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