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The worse it will be

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I can't help think that it would be much better if we went there next week instead of this week.


If I am you I wouldn't dream of taking on that extra responsibility without some kind of insurance.


The longer you delay making a decision, the worst the consequences will be.


The influence that this novelist has had in future generations of writers should not be ignored.


We've just run out of sugar. Do you think you could possibly grant me some till tomorrow?


I can see from all those teapots that you must like drinking tea. What is the name of the mark you use?


When you see the clothes that people are wearing today, you wander what sort of fashion will be popular fifty years from now.


I need to make a phone call but unfortunately I only have notes so could you let me have some small money.


All thepastry that you can buy in this shop is particularly tasty because it's housemade.


As the good philosopher said, how ever many mistakes people make, we are after all only humane beings.

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