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Non-Count and Count Nouns (1)

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I like ...... This is a grain and is a non-count noun.


I put ..... on my bread, but I don't like to use a lot of it because it's high in fat and cholesterol. This is a non-count noun.


I have an antique ...... I do my homework on it every night. This is a count noun.


Sharon likes to eat an ..... a day. She likes the Granny Smith variety best. This is a count noun.


My parents have two ...... My mother has a red one and my father drives the blue one to work.


I love going to the beach because the ..... seems so fresh and alive there. When I breathe it in deeply, I feel completely refreshed. This is a non-count noun.


I buy beef ..... for my dog every two weeks. She likes to chew on them for hours. This is count noun.


Can I borrow a .....? I seem to have forgotten mine at home. This is a count noun.


I just got my ..... done yesterday. The stylist cut and styled it for me. It looks great. This is a non-count noun.


I bought new ..... before I went on a trip to Hawaii. I wanted to look stylish in the airport and both pieces are quite functional because they have wheels.

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