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Modal Verbs (3)

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You ..... be able to catch a ride with Jim. You should ask him before he leaves the office.


This is a large, luxurious house! It ..... cost a pretty penny.


You ..... called me first. I would have picked you up from the auto repair garage.


We've worked long and hard today. ..... we call it a day?


If you tell your boss off, you ..... surely be fired.


If you choose a bold color for your walls, you ..... choose some, soft, neutral accent pieces in order to create a balanced feeling in the room.


Our son, Ted, ..... use a new car because his old car is always breaking down on him. So, we're going to buy him a brand-new car for his birthday.


I'm going to make a cabinet out of our spare wood pile. However, I ..... have to buy some extra wood for the finishing touches.


Kendra ..... finish her homework on time, or she can't go outside to play with her friends.


I ..... see that you have a hole in your sneakers. You need a new pair of shoes.

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