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Noun and Verb Opposites (1)

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I used to live in the ..... of the city. It was too busy for me, so I moved to the outskirts.


Parents, who are the adults, should be in control of the household. ..... should not be in control.


Don't open this door because you'll let all the cold air into the room. If you have to leave the room, you must quickly ..... the door behind you.


I came to your house four hours ago. However, now, I have to ..... home.


I want to watch a comedy tonight. I don't want to watch a ..... that will make me sad.


I go to work during the day. However, I spend my ..... with my family.


A good friend does things that make you want to laugh. A bad friend does things that make you want to ......


The hurricane ..... our house. But, we built a new one this year. I'm so happy now.


My son is 12-years-old, but, my ....., is only two-years-old.


Samuel ..... last year. However, his memory lives on in our hearts.

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