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Mixed Prepositional Phrases (1)

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No, I'm not going to rob that store with you! It's ..... the law and I'm not willing to do anything illegal just because you need money right now!


My aunt suffers ..... diabetes. She has to watch her sugar intake and insulin levels all the time. It's quite a serious disease.


The restaurant was very crowded ..... people last week so we went to a smaller, quieter place and had a great dinner together.


Jessica is ..... danger of losing her life. She's in a coma and the doctors say she's only got a 40% chance. I can't believe that she might actually die.


Who is Kevin shouting ..... so loudly? He sounds so angry!


What are you looking ..... so intensely? Oh, I see. That's a beautiful painting, alright.


Did anyone ask ..... me while I was gone? I sure missed everyone, so I hope someone realized that I have been missing for nearly a month.


This is a real tragedy. I can't believe such a young girl died in this horrible car wreck! We have to contact her ..... of kin to inform them about this terrible accident.


Remember to ask ..... another chance. The boss is really picky about tardiness, but you've never been late before, and I'm sure he'll forgive you for this.


"Are you still upset about what Matt said to you the other night?" Sheila asked Barb. "Not at all. I was initially upset, but I'm ..... it now. Life's too short to hold any grudges," Barb responded.

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