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Prepositional Phrases - At, By, For and To (1)

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My keys were on the table when I left this morning and, now, they are not on the table. I am ..... a loss as to where my keys could have gone.


I got into a car accident last Tuesday and I have to get my car fixed today. The other driver was ..... fault so I don't have to pay for the repairs but I still had to take time off of work to take the car into the shop.


I am sorry. I seem to have picked up your keys ..... mistake. Let's meet so that we can exchange them as soon as possible.


..... date, no hard evidence that proves the existence of the Loch Ness monster has ever been found.


Today, I am going to install some baseboards ..... the foot of our stairs leading to the second story of our house.


I tried to quit smoking several times in the past. However, now I have quit ..... good. I'll never smoke another cigarette.


One should never say anything about anyone that he or she wouldn't say ..... that person's face.


Being laid-off took me completely ..... surprise. I just received a large performance-related bonus last month.


To get to the school, you drive up a large hill. ..... the top of the hill, you take a right and drive for one more block. The school is on the left-hand side.


Thanks for telling me about that movie. It is, ..... far, the best movie I have seen in months.

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